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Custom TRICK drums - Made in the USA

Custom TRICK drums for sale!

Custom TRICK drums for sale!

Sonor SQ2's - Best of the best! Made in Germany

Outstanding, top of the line Sonors

Outstanding, top of the line Sonors

Custom TRICK drums ($2,500 pickup price 44256)

Will ship. Buyer pays shipping

(1) 20 x 18 kick

12x6 snare drum

8x8 mounted tom

10 x 8 mounted tom

12 x 10 mounted tom

14 x 12 mounted tom

16 x 16 floor tom

These TRICK drums are one owner, sound great and in very good condition. They were ordered direct from the factory located in Niles, Illinois in 2011 and used for one tour, with the rest of their time in a recording or rehearsal studio. 

TRICK drum company extends modern technology to all their drums and hardware and is considered a staple among many drummers. 

Pureness of tone, resonance, durability and performance! 

These TRICK drums were custom ordered and feature bearing edges that are cut to an exacting double 45°, committing to a superior attack, sensitivity, and faster tuning. 

TRICKS are made from a unique blend of metals and present no seams in their shells! 

Features also include:

  • Faster response and a more precise projection of sound than wood shells.
  • Much more resonant, consistent, and provide a much warmer tone than wood. 
  • Unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Finishes are more durable than paint.
  • Trick shells use no glue, separate plies, or reinforcement hoops that otherwise dampen the natural, true resonance of your drum.

SQ2 Sonor drums ($9,800 pickup price 44256)

Will ship. Buyer pays shipping.

Serial numbers for each piece.  

Included are the following acrylic shells:

 (2) 22” x 18” Bass Drums (Serial #’s - 4112660 and 4112661)  

(1) 8” x 9” Mounted Tom (Serial # 4112662)  

(1) 10” x 11” Mounted Tom (Serial # 4112663)  

(1) 12” x 13” Mounted Tom (Serial # 4112664)  

(1) 14” x 15” Mounted Tom (Serial # 4112665)  

(1) 16” x 17” Floor Tom (Serial # 4112666)  

(1) 18” x 18” Floor Tom (Serial # 4112667) 

These Sonors are an incredible show piece kit with spectacular sound! 

  • Beautiful, seamless X Ray Acrylic 
  • Black Chrome plated hardware 
  • Solid High Gloss Red bass drum hoops 

Custom ordered from Sonor Factory December 1, 2009. 

Recently (2017) taken apart for cleaning and treating every piece. 

Minor scratches only visible when close to kit. 


TRICK drum shell pictures